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I was born on August 7th 1988 in Turku, Finland. Three years later I was blessed with a little brother. Turku remains my home city to this date. My parents, especially my dad, are quite musical. My father used to grab his acoustic guitar and play and sing ”house of the rising sun” and other classics to me and my brother when we were knee-high little rascals. I was an eager singer as soon as I learned to speak, so going to a music school in the center of Turku was an easy choice for me and my parents. I also think it was the best decision my parents have ever made in an educational perspective.

With musical school comes an obligatory membership in a choir already at the age of 9. In the same age I also started to play the quitar. After puberty I discovered I was able to sing quite high notes with greater ease than most of my classmates. Later on I discovered it meant I was a tenor. I dropped my guitar lessons around the age of twelve and I consentrated on tennis for a few years. When it was time to choose what kind of a high school I should go to, I was faced with a difficult decision: should I consentrate on music and singing or should I play tennis in high school. I knew I could not have both things in a major role in my life.

I chose music. I went cold turkey with tennis and joined an a capella ensemble in music high school. I also sung in the chamber choir. At the age of 16 I found myself auditioning for Simulacrum. I had befriended Nicholas who joined my class earlier and through him, Christian was interested in my high voice. Nicholas had also introduced me to progressive metal. I was already listening to Children of Bodom and Pantera, and found progressive metal very compelling. Sooner than I realised what had happened, I was the lead singer of a proggressive metal band. Oh oh!

After high school I went straight to the defencive military force of Finland. After that I started med school in Turku. At the age of 19 I also started going to classical singing lessons at the Turku Conservatory, and I joined a male choir.

As you can see above, a huge part of my musical background comes from classical and a capella music. My favourite classical singer is Pavarotti (of course). I think Pavarotti was able to materialize the true metallic sound in his singing, the sound of a sword that is drawn from it's holster and rings in the air. I also greatly admire Juan Diego Florez for his technical superiority and amazing range and quality, and Jonas Kauffman and his testostenor approach.

I divide music only in two gategories, which are classical music and pop. From pop singers (yes, this includes rock, heavy, metal and what have you) I admire Dio, Sir Russel Allen, Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury the most. The first two manage to sustain the metallic ring I talked about earlier even when singin heavy metal. The two latter are brilliant songwriters and amazing performers. As of late I've found myself digging the shit out of Tommy Karevik's effortless way of singing metal music.

With Simulacrum it hasn't always been easy. We had a real kickstart back in 2006, when we came seccond in a band competition. After that I was struggling with my vocal performances quite a bit. Going to singing lesson greatly improved my singing, but sometimes I would really perform under my level when singing live. In retrospect the main reason was perhaps the fact that I tried so desperetaly to imitate my heroes (Dio, Allen). It is common sense, that a boy in he's teens can't possibly sound like a grown man. I have lately purchased an ear monitoring set, and it has revolutionized the quality of my live performances. As an a capella singer, I think singing begins with the ability to hear yourself. I wish good luck to all aspiring singers, singing is really the most important aspect in this kind of music, and the singers part is often the most demanding. If you don't use it, you loose it, so train alot!!