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My musical adventure started at the age of 8 when my mother took me to the boy choir practices at the Turku Cathedral. At the same time I also started piano lessons. Classical music didn't appeal to me too much though and I started listening to hard rock and heavy metal. All together I sang 10 years in the choir and played piano for 9 years, but didn't ever think of myself performing in front of a live audience as a lead vocalist. By coincidence I was asked to sing at my schools graduation party a song where I performed alone. I also had started singing karaoke at the local bars and by singing heavy metal classics I gained my confidence as a singer. Around this time I started getting ambitious about being a lead vocalist.


My first band was a progressive metal outfit called Stereopolis. The band did one EP but wasn't very active so it dwindled with time. Christian "Chrism" Pulkkinen produced this first EP and through this experience my long lasting friendship with him started. I have sung in a few bands with him since; Iron Sphere trained a couple of times for a comeback but it never really took off and I also sang in Chrism's Runeland Project. Anyway through Chrism I got to know Petri Mäkilä, who I formed a melodic hard rock band with called Sex Factor that released two EP's and came second in the Turku Bandstand competition. Simulacrum's present drummer Henri Kallio was also in this band, so as you can see we have all known each other for a very long time and played together in different projects, so it was only natural that all these great musicians would at some time unite. When Chrism asked me to join Simulacrum it was a dream come true to be able to join such talented musicians who happen to also be dear friends. Besides heavy metal I also like to sing different genres and currently perform with a party band called Los Bibbalos. I have also graduated as a singer from the Turku Conservatory of Music.