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Official video teaser for Sky Divided!



Flagiston live from Turku Klubi 2014. Pro shot video!



Hammerhead live from Turku Klubi 2014. Pro shot video!



Olli recording an amazing bass part for "A New Beginning"



A short video clip of our former drummer, Henri Kallio.  



Solomon recording a guitar solo for a new song called "Enter Hyperion"



Official video to promote the Facebook-page "Finnish Melodic Metal". Featuring members of Thunderstone, Dreamtale, Thaurorod, Epicrenel, Adamantra, Simulacrum, Reversion, Amberian Dawn and Status Minor! The page is run by actual band members from almost the whole scene in Finland and is meant as a direct source of information straight from the bands to the fans...



Promotional teaser of the epic progressive debut from Simulacrum! The album was released on the 4th of January 2012 through Inverse Records.  



Simulacrum performing "Battle Within" at JyrkkÀ Rock 2012 Festival!



Audio clips of all songs from "The Master and the Simulacrum"



Risto Pulkkinen playing a unisono part that is composed as a tribute to the late Frank Zappa and from there continues to improvise a solo. This is from the song "Genesis Pt.1 - The Celestial Architect"



Simulacrum performing their instrumental song Flagiston at Turku Klubi 2010.



Simulacrum's guitarist Nicholas performing Chopin's Revolutionary Etude on the piano.  



Simulacrum Live at S-OSIS 11.4.2009. This video features an intro song and Hammerhead!



Olli recording Flagiston on a chapman-stick!



Olli recording "The Depraved"



Chrism, Olli and Nicholas playing solos onto one of the old Runeland songs called "Raiders of Arakogah"



An old video of Chrism practicing the Hammerhead keyboard solo.



A very old live performance of "Dream Theater's Pull Me Under". We were about 18-22 years old on this video. Good memories =)



Simulacrum performing the first version of Flagiston back in 2005.