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Niklas BromanOlli HakalaChrismHenri Kallio





My musical career started at the age of 6 when I got a keyboard from father as a birthday present. I went to lessons for a couple of years lacking the motivation I maybe should have had. At that time ice-hockey felt much more interesting. At the age of 13 I got my first guitar after a year of crying and in the same year I formed my first own band, El Gringo which broke up after it's first gig. When I was 14 I started listening to more heavyer and technical music and I formed a new band called Wuldurac which featured Solomon on solo guitar. The band had a scream vocalist at the beginning but changed later on to Niklas' choir boy sound. The band remained as a high-school project and discontinued after school was over. In 2007 I played one gig with Simulacrum and there have been other bands and projects like Sex Factor, a hard rock style band that made two EP's and achieved second place in the Turku Bandstand competition. Henri played a while in the band also. In 2012 Chrism asked me to stand in for Nicky for a gig in Lahti and since it went so well I got asked to stay in the band permanently. This time I am staying for good!