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Niklas BromanOlli HakalaChrismHenri Kallio





I started off with the piano at the age of six. Back then it was just a nice hobby that I didn't take too seriously. When I was twelve I discovered the music of Yngwie J. Malmsteen introduced to me by my brother. It was then when I decided to take up the electric guitar. Naturally, my first guitar was a cream white Stratocaster. Soon after I became totally absorbed by the magic of the guitar and bought myself an Ibanez in order to shred with greater ease. When I got my chops up to a certain speed Chrism asked me to join his band, Oblivion Ocean. It was an early incarnation of Simulacrum with a different drummer and singer. Since then the band has been and will continue to be a part of my life. Music is currently more than a hobby to me as I'm studying piano pedagogy at the Turku arts academy. My days are mainly occupied by the great classical composers but I love to kick off and balance my musical life with some crazy progressive metal ;)